Hormone Therapy

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Hormone therapy in Las Vegas, NV 89121 can reverse your hormone imbalance, restore your ability to lose weight by replenishing the hormones you’ve lost.

What is a Hormone Therapy & How Does it Work?

Hormone therapy in Las Vegas, NV 89121 can reverse your hormone imbalance, restore your ability to lose weight by replenishing the hormones you’ve lost.

There are many changes that occur in our bodies as we age. An imbalance in our hormone levels is a common problem for both men and women and that can have a negative impact on our overall health. LV Body Sculpting offers Hormone Therapy treatment to balance hormone levels. It is a simple treatment that utilizes a small hormone pellet that is mixed specifically for your needs. It is placed just under the skin in the hip area.

The pellet provides a balanced release of hormones into your body over a 3-6 month time frame. With pills, shots, and creams patients complain that they have little control regulating their hormone levels consistently. This can leave you feeling a bit like a yo-yo and that is why hormone pellet therapy’s time-released treatment is gaining more attention.

Hormone Therapy Process

Patients treated with hormone pellet therapy see a marked improvement in sleep patterns, muscle strength, energy, and in general, a sense of well-being. The process is simple. LV Body Sculpting will review medical history and labs will be drawn to determine specific deficiencies. The hormone pellet is then made for the specific needs of the patient and is placed in a simple, painless, procedure. The treatment is good for 3-6 months based on the individual needs of the patient.

Hormone Therapy for Women

Women with deficiencies in their hormone levels may notice the effects in bone density, mental clarity, and weight gain with a slower metabolism. Women treated with the pellet hormone therapy see improved libido, mental clarity, and muscle tone. The brain needs a normal amount of testosterone and estrogen to produce serotonin. This supports feeling less stress and the emotional roller coaster that women complain about when they have an imbalance in their hormone levels. This instability untreated increases irritability, sadness, or depression.

Hormone Therapy for Men

Research shows that men can experience something similar to menopause called andropause. The male body loses testosterone at a rate of 3% to 10% per year after the age of 30. Men often complain about similar health problems such as fatigue, loss of libido, mental clarity, and difficulty sustaining an erection. Daily oral treatment can be costly for men with little or no long-term sustainability throughout the day. Hormone Pellet Therapy can provide a consistent, sustained testosterone level for four to six months. During the Perimenopause phase, a major decline in healthy hormone levels can be greatly improved with Hormone Pellet Therapy This treatment is for both men and women, to improve their hormone deficiencies. The team at LV Body Sculpting will check specific information through a simple lab draw. The lab test will determine where you are with hormone levels. LV Body Sculpting will look at your body from the inside and a pellet will be mixed for your needs.

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Hormone Therapy Candidate?

Hormone Therapy Candidate

With a major decline in hormone health at the start of the Perimenopause phase, Hormone Pellet Therapy can help greatly improve your body’s overall health.

Men and women are both candidates for this non-surgical procedure to improve and correct hormone deficiencies. The team at Las Vegas Body Sculpting will determine what your specific needs are through specific lab tests taken with a simple blood draw.

In order to determine where you are with hormone levels, the team at Las Vegas Body Sculpting will draw blood for specific things that help Dr. Ahmed look at your body from the inside. The results of your blood test will help determine how much hormone is required to help you regain your optimum health.

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Benefits of BHRT

Hormone Therapy Treats

Hormone Therapy addresses many issues that occur as we age. It is natural that hormones naturally decline. Health concerns associated with an imbalance in hormone levels are listed below but there may be a few more but these are the most common.
  • Loss of energy or drive
  • Feel tired and little stamina
  • Diminished muscle strength
  • Gaining or having trouble losing weight
  • Mood swings or anxious for no reason
  • Suffering from depression
  • Not able to sleep at night
  • You feel your mental clarity is slipping
  • You are experiencing a decrease in sexual desire or performance


Hormone Therapy Doctor

Hormone therapy consultation in Las Vegas, can help you with your hormone imbalance.
Dr. Mustafa Ahmed has treated both men and women with HRT therapy. There are many health conditions that are greatly improved with the proper dose of hormone. Monitoring your care with a doctor ‘s supervision provides the best results for this treatment. Your total health is evaluated before treatment begins at LV Body Sculpting.

Initial Consultation

Hormone Therapy requires a review of your overall health in order to provide the best plan of care. HRT is based on individuals needs and is not a “cookie cutter” program. The process begins with a simple blood test so that hormone levels and overall health can be considered for your treatment. The lab test will help us know what your body needs so that a plan can be created specifically for you.
Dr. Mustafa Ahmed

Hormone Therapy Consultation

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