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Tummy Tuck, abdominoplasty, for patients in Las Vegas, NV 89121, is a procedure designed to restore an aesthetic contour to the abdomen and trunk.

What is a Tummy Tuck & How Does it Work?


Tummy Tuck, abdominoplasty, for patients in Las Vegas, is a procedure designed to restore an aesthetic contour to the abdomen and trunk.

A tummy tuck is also called an Abdominoplasty and is a wonderful option that removes excess skin and fat from the abdominal area. A tummy tuck will restore and trim your abdomen giving you a more youthful figure. The procedure removes fat and skin, while it flattens and narrows the waistline along with tightening the abdominal muscles that have weakened or separated. Women seek this procedure in order to regain what aging, weight loss, or having children has taken away. 

Even someone with normal body size and weight can benefit with an improved waistline and flatter abdomen. The most common reasons for considering a tummy tuck include aging, fluctuations in weight, some hereditary component, and pregnancy.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Process

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is performed in two to three hours but can sometimes take longer due to the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed. Medication is administered for your comfort during the procedure and Dr. Ahmed will go over those options with you and recommend what is best for your surgery. The surgeon will make a horizontal incision in the area between the pubic hairline and the belly button. You will have a scar but it will diminish over time and will be below panty and swim suite lines.

Considerations for the length and shape of the incision are determined by the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed. A second incision will be made around the navel to remove the excess skin in the upper abdomen. Once the incision is made, the skin will be pulled back and Dr. Ahmed will pull your abdominal muscles together and stitch them in place in order to achieve a narrower waistline and firmer abdomen. Once that is complete, the extra skin is pulled down and will be removed. The navel will be reattached in a natural position and the incision closed.

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Tummy Tuck Candidate?

The perfect candidate for a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is healthy and in good physical condition and within 20 pounds of their ideal body weight and who through normal diet and exercise have not been able to achieve a streamlined waist.

Women who have had children and have loose, sagging skin and want to regain their youthful waistline are perfect candidates for the tummy tuck. For this patient, it is also referred to as a “mommy make-over” when it accompanies liposuction or breast augmentation.

Additionally, older women and individuals who have lost a considerable amount of weight are also wonderful candidates for the tummy tuck.

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After Care

Tummy Tuck Recovery

During your tummy tuck recovery, you will have sterile dressings or bandages applied to your incisions. You will be required to wear a compression garment that will minimize swelling and support your abdomen as it heals. A temporary tube will be placed in order to drain excess blood or fluid from the surgical site. The surgeon and the team at LV Body Sculpting will provide specific instructions for your recovery and care or the surgical site. They will provide information to address medications, dressings and specific things to look for at the surgical site to ensure you are healing properly. 

Since you use your tummy muscles for nearly every activity, and especially for getting up and down or to and from bed, you can hold a pillow close to your tummy for support and roll to your side rather than pulling up straight. If you own a recliner, some patients find that they like sitting or laying back in the recliner, as the chair helps get you up to a sitting position much easier. 

A follow up with Dr. Ahmed will be scheduled and topics like bathing and the removal of stitches and any questions will be discussed with you and the person driving you home and caring for you after surgery.


Tummy Tuck Surgeon

Tummy Tuck, abdominoplasty, for patients in Las Vegas, NV 89121, is a procedure designed to restore an aesthetic shape to the upper and lower abdomen.

Dr. Mustafa Ahmed is a Board Certified Surgeon and has received specific training in the art of abdominoplasty. His many years in critical care and dealing with high risk, unhealthy patients makes him an excellent surgeon for this procedure.

Initial Consultation

At LV Body Sculpting we want to ensure that our patients understand the process and will go over your options and the realistic results that can be achieved with a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. Dr. Mustafa Ahmed will discuss and address any particular requests or questions you have about the procedure. You will receive an estimate for the procedure that will be gone over with you. Should you choose to move forward, you will be scheduled for your initial appointment.
Dr. Mustafa Ahmed

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