Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift in Las Vegas, NV 89121 is a procedure that involves injecting a person’s buttocks with body fat removed from other areas.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift & How Does it Work?


Brazilian Butt Lift of Las Vegas, is a procedure that involves injecting a person’s buttocks with body fat removed from other areas.

The Brazilian Butt Lift or Buttock Augmentation uses fat transfer to increase the size of your behind. It is a common concern for both men and women when they have a flat bottom. It increases volume, fullness and improves the balance of your figure, enhancing your self confidence and self image.

Brazilian Butt Lift Process
The Brazilian Butt Lift treats and addresses individuals who feel their butt is either too small or has lost it’s shape over time or with weight loss.

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost
The costs for the Brazilian Butt Lift varies based on the amount of fat transfer needed to create the volume and lift you desire. At the time of your consultation you will receive an estimate for services that include the facility fee, Surgeon’s professional fee, anesthesia, and any special post surgery garments if supplied or required.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Candidate?

The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is right for someone who is not happy with the shape of their butt or who is looking to improve the balance of their shape.

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure begins with medication that is administered to provide comfort during the surgical procedure.

The first step is Liposuction that is performed through small incisions in the donor area. A diluted local anesthesia is inserted to reduce trauma and bleeding.

A cannula, which is a thin hollow tube is inserted through the incisions to loosen your excess fat in a back and forth motion. Using a surgical vacuum or syringe the excess fat is removed. The fat, blood and tissue matter that has been removed through liposuction is then prepared in syringes that are attached to a special cannula. Dr. Ahmed will then inject the fat into the areas of the butt that need more fill and shape for your desired results.

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After Care

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

After the procedure we will keep you for a few hours before sending you home. You will receive specific instructions for your aftercare, including for those areas that were liposuctioned. Special instructions to reduce your risk of infection and a follow up appointment will be set with your surgeon. You will wear a special garment to support your new bottom and you will receive instruction for your recovery period. Small drains may be placed to allow excess blood or fluid to be removed.

There are special steps for proper recovery and to achieve the “end” result. Prolonged sitting will need to be avoided for the first two weeks but could be longer depending on Dr. Ahmed’s instructions. Prolonged sitting can damage the fat that has been transferred. You will also be asked to sleep on your stomach or side during this time.

When you sit down you will be required to use a pillow or a cushion behind your legs to raise your buttocks and avoid pressure to your bottom. Dr. Ahmed may also encourage you to receive a massage from a licensed massage therapist. Depending on how quickly you recover, exercise can be resumed from six to eight weeks.


Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift in Las Vegas, is offered by local surgeon Dr Ahmed of LV Body Sculpting and Aesthetics.
Dr. Mustafa Ahmed is a Board Certified Surgeon and has received specific training in the art of fat transfer and the Brazilian Butt Lift. His many years in critical care and dealing with high risk, unhealthy patients, makes him an excellent surgeon for this procedure.

Initial Consultation

When you have your consultation you should come prepared to discuss what bothers you about your bottom and what your desired outcome is. Dr. Ahmed will do a full medical evaluation and you may be required to have some pre-surgery tests depending on your health history and age. He will discuss your options and recommend a course of treatment.
Dr. Mustafa Ahmed

Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation

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