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Fat Transfer is for patients that would like to transfer fat from areas with excess fat into areas that lacking in volume in Las Vegas, NV 89121.

What is a Fat Transfer & How Does it Work?


Fat Transfer is for patients that would like to transfer fat from areas with excess fat into areas that lacking in volume.

Using fat transferred from another area of your body and placing it in the breasts is very desirable for women who do not want to use implants to increase breast size. This procedure also treats loss in breast volume and outcomes are very natural.

Fat Transfer Surgery Process
The Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation involves removing fat from another area of the body through liposuction and placing it in the breast area to increase volume. The results are natural and generally, this procedure is not done when a large volume is desired.

Cost of Fat Transfer Surgery
The costs of fat transfer for Breast Augmentation varies based on the amount of fat that is needed to create the volume you desire. At the time of your consultation, you will receive an estimate for services that include the facility fee, Surgeon’s professional fee, anesthesia, and any special post-surgery garments if supplied or required. Other fees may be required but all costs will be reviewed with you.

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Fat Transfer Candidate?

You may be a good candidate if you are in great shape and within 20 pounds of your desired goal weight.

The perfect candidate for Breast Augmentation using fat transfer is someone who is in great shape and within 20 pounds of their desired goal weight. Fat transfer results are better when the individual does not want to use implants, but to create a more natural result for breast volume and shape.

The process for breast augmentation using fat transfer works very simply. It is the least invasive of all the processes for breast augmentation.

Excess body fat is removed from your desired contour area using liposuction and the fatty tissue is then cleaned and put into small syringes which will be transferred into your breasts.

There are no scars for this procedure and your breasts will have more volume, better shape, and the best part is that your breasts are enhanced with your body’s own fatty tissue.

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After Care

Fat Transfer Recovery

The fat transfer breast augmentation at Las Vegas Body Sculpting offers a relatively easy recovery. You will wear a compression garment for the area that the fat was harvested from. 

Likewise, you will wear a sports bra to add comfort and aide in keeping the swelling down while your body heals and your fat “takes” to its new home. You can resume normal activity in a week or two depending on your personal healing process.


Fat Transfer Surgeon

Fat Transfer is for patients that would like to transfer fat from areas with excess fat into areas that lacking in volume.
Dr. Mustafa Ahmed is a Board Certified Surgeon and has received specific training in the art of fat transfer for Breast Augmentation. His many years in critical care and dealing with high risk, unhealthy patients, makes him an excellent surgeon for this procedure.

Initial Consultation

When you have your consultation you should come prepared to discuss what your desired outcome is. Dr. Ahmed will do a full medical evaluation and you may be required to have some pre-surgery tests depending on your health history and age. He will discuss your options and recommend a course of treatment.
Dr. Mustafa Ahmed

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