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Seca Scan is a medical Body Composition Analyzer offered in Las Vegas, NV 89121, a comprehensive measurement of your body composition.

What is The Seca Scan & How Does it Work?

Seca Scan is a medical Body Composition Analyzer offered in Las Vegas, NV 89121, a comprehensive measurement of your body composition.

The Seca Scan mBCA provides the latest technology in evaluating body composition. It is an easy process for the patient and as simple as stepping onto a comfortable platform with secure handrails. Your hands are positioned for a correct internal reading of your body composition.

The Seca Scan mBCA provides a benchmark for a precision analysis of your body. The analysis provides precise information that can be used by your medical provider. It is used by athletes as well as individuals who are in the process of losing weight. Accuracy has been a question with other tests available but the Seca Scan mBCA provides excellent and accurate results with the latest technology currently available.

Seca Scan Process
It’s a simple test that only takes a few minutes but offers valuable information that is explained during your evaluation.

The seca mBCA calculates a whole range of vital body composition parameters with medical precision. A few of the primary evaluation categories includes: Fat Mass/Fat-Free Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat, Body Composition Chart, Total Body Water/Extracellular, and Water Bioelectrical Impedance Vector Analysis

Weight Management

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Fat Transfer Candidate?

The Seca Scan mBCA provides easy, accurate results at a price you can afford. Call Las Vegas Body Sculpting to schedule a personalized scan of your body composition today!

Las Vegas Body Sculpting provides Seca Scan mBCA testing for many reasons. The primary reason is to help individuals achieve healthy weight loss without stripping their muscle mass. The Seca Scan provides a thorough look at the body’s composition so you can make adjustments to your diet and exercise in order to stay on track.

The Seca Scan is also used for individuals who are serious work out fanatics and are training for competition or just to be their absolute best.

The ability to accurately mark body fat and increased muscle mass is an advantage in adjusting diet and exercise, as the Seca Scan measures all body parts and provides very accurate results fort legs, arms, and torso. There are no complication or risks with the Seca Scan mBCA test.

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Seca Scan Doctor

Las Vegas Body Sculpting recommends an initial evaluation and then regular follow ups based on your weight loss goals or desired work out results.
The Seca Scan does not require a doctor but it is often evaluated by Dr. Ahmed or one of the Las Vegas Body Sculpting team members and is included in your medical chart as it measures Height, Weight, BMI.

Initial Consultation

You can remain dressed during the Seca Scan Test. You will be asked to remove your shoes so that proper contact can be made. You will place your hands in a comfortable position on the secure handles of the Seca Scan. The Scan only takes a few minutes and prints out detailed results and a Las Vegas Body Sculpting team member will go over them with you during your personal evaluation.
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